Atlanta’s  go-to hair colorist and stylist for the client that is bored with the  truly mundane.

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Misti Dort Misti Does Hair


Just a few things about me!

I’m Misti, a 34 year old hairstylist and a Georgia native. I’ve been doing hair in the Atlanta area for over 13 years and counting (Yes! It HAS changed a lot)

I love animals (or anything fuzzy) , traveling, and photography.

I’m a bit of an organizational freak, a workaholic, and a perfectionist. I am ALWAYS working on something.

I’m obsessed with weird fashion and all my Apple devices.

I prefer tea over coffee; cities to countryside; bar seating to restaurant seating; and animals to people.

When it comes to hair, I love a challenge! Bring on your color corrections, your intense blonding, or vivids.  Whatever it is, your hair is always my top priority.

I can’t wait to help you with your hair dreams!

-Misti Does Hair

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